Functional Testing

Functional testing is the process of examining assembled assemblies to determine whether they are functional. The GUARDIAN test system, which can be used universally in all areas of electronics, realizes functional tests in a simple manner.

Functional Testing

What is functional testing?

Functional testing is the process of examining assembled assemblies to determine whether they are functional. This test can be performed either in intermediate steps or at the end of the manufacturing process.

The assemblies are supplied with electrical input variables, to which they react with corresponding electrical signals. A suitable test system records these output variables and calculates the characteristic values to be tested from the measurement signals, which are then compared with the target values. The test results provide information about fault-free performance or malfunctions of the tested assembly.


What is the relevance of functional testing?

Manufacturers in almost all industries are under pressure to develop highly complex products within short production times. But less time in product development inevitably leads to increasing failure rates.

Functional testing of assemblies serves the quality assurance of the final product. The process can be used, for example, to monitor time-critical processes and correlations between different functions, or to detect thermal and dynamic errors and functional failures. If functional testing is carried out at an early stage, unnecessary disassembly times of defective components can be prevented and a time-consuming, costly inspection of complete devices can be avoided.


Which test systems does testwerk use?

For functional testing we use the GUARDIAN test system, which is suitable for the following areas of application, among others:


  • Functional testing of electronic assemblies (analog, digital, power electronics, etc.)
  • In-circuit tests
  • Open-circuit and short-circuit tests
  • Measurements of resistors and diode distances
  • Final tests of electronic devices


By using GUARDIAN products, we can reduce test times and costs to a minimum and significantly optimize your production processes.

We will be happy to advise you on all matters relating to functional testing.

As a service provider with many years of practical experience, we offer you comprehensive support. Thus, we carry out the functional tests on your behalf or also offer the systems for sale.

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